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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplify project management.
Maximise team performance. 




Another software for project management?

Asking the right questions...

By its own nature, project management is a complex process... so why add complexity with intricate and expensive software?

Are expensive and time consuming training sessions and admin users really necessary to satisfy your customers?

Do you want your team to focus on the project management software or in the actual project and your customers?

Are you willing to fully transition from your Excel tracker to the application dashboards and trust them to run your decisions?

1 %

Employees’ paid time wasted on non value added tasks.

1 %

Percentage of employees who expect higher levels of simplicity at work.

1 %

Percentage of employees who think leaders should reconsider the way they think about technology.

1 %

Percentage of employees who would like to have a single tool to understand and manage work.

The numbers speak by themselves...

[ Workfront | The state of work, 2020]

So... why pulsar ?

In one simple word... simplicity

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Pulsar is pioneering the next generation of agile project management applications designed to solve the major problem all current applications have: complexity.

Pulsar is designed around three core ideas, so your organization can focus on doing what they know best; adding value to the company


Manage portfolios, control budgets, plan projects, collaborate with your team, integrate customer requests and have a real time visibility of your company’s performance.
All, in one single, simple tool.


Working hard and working smart can be two different things. That is why we have carefully designed our user experience and user interface so all members of your team can easily use the tool, not by remembering where to click, but by using their intuition.


Simplicity does not imply scarcity. Pulsar is the ideal tool for agile teams who follow either a scrum or kanban framework. From sprint planning to backlog grooming to agile dashboards, Pulsar has all you need to take your product to market, fast.


Remote teamwork

Pulsar enables your team to collaborate and work efficiently no matter if they are working from home ... or from the other side of the world.

Scrum framework

Easily create, estimate and prioritize your product and sprint backlogs, so your organization knows the plan in every single moment.

Kanban boards

Quickly set up visual and interactive boards so your team can easily keep a track of what is being done and what needs to be done.


Set deadlines, milestones and dependencies in your projects and have a real time visibility of the actual progress in a Gantt chart.

Portfolio management

Check the status of all your projects and take informed decisions to keep your entire organization back on planning.

Agile reports

Stay on track and check the plan vs actual status with visual charts and easily customizable agile reports.


Import your teams and projects from your current project management applications and start using a single tool for everything.

Team workload

Organize the work across your team in a sustainable way by managing the workload of each team member.


Minimize the work effort for your repetitive processes with easily customizable automation features.

Budget management

Allocate budgets to your projects and have a real time control to avoid surpassing the limits assigned for each work package.

Mobile access

Stay on track of your progress and read through your notifications anywhere you want to be (like that cool coffee shop).

Interactive dashboards

A central module where all team members can access to organize quickly their work for the day and check priorities in each project.

Network and infrastructure security

Your data is securely stored in AWS, the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.


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Claudio Konyak

Co-Founder. PRODUCT designER


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Co-Founder. business strategy


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